EBR Meets the Wizard

Dent Wizard that is.

On Thursday March 11 EBR members were treated to a demonstration of paintless dent removal.  The event took place at Cascade Auto Group on State Road in Cuyahoga Falls through the courtesy of Cascade’s Pat Primm.

Prior to the beginning of the demonstration the gathering EBR members do what they do best when confronted with a showroom full of Porsches and other fine and new machinery: they opened hoods, sat behind the wheel, opened engine compartment lids, checked out the suggested retail prices, critiqued the new designs, and calculated the prices in comparison to the values of older models.  (I figured that one new 996 may be worth three to five SC’s!)  Several commented that it was still odd to see a coolant filler in the engine compartment of a 911 (996).

 While members were occupied with the Porsches and Audis they also had the opportunity to let Rick Lutz know which of the proposed EBR crest designs they preferred. BJ Houck lobbied hard for her favorite.

Jim Capone from Dent Wizard of Warrensville Heights began the demonstration by having one of his experienced technicians remove a sizeable dent from the driver’s side door of Capone’s Chevy Blazer.  This door was deliberately dented, just for our benefit.

A variety of hand tools were used to massage the dent from inside the door panel.  The interior trim panel was not removed to access the dent, as you might expect. Rather the panel and the door glass were held back by a shim which pried them away from the panel.  The glass was protected by a pad.  In less than 15 minutes the dent was gone.

Two members’ vehicles were then selected at random and the Dent Wizard folks proceeded to first remove a dent about the size of a dollar coin from the left front fender of Alan Jensen’s Chrysler.  Tooling was slid in behind the wheel well liner and the dent pressed and massaged out of existence from behind.  The technician then turned his attention to a dent in one of the rear doors of my Cherokee.  This small dent (Rick Houck claimed it was not even there) was quickly dispatched.

Capone explained that paintless dent removal was pioneered by Dent Wizard in 1983.  It is used in factories as well as body shops and at dealerships to avoid the expense and potential value-diminishing process of the traditional body shop methods of sanding, filling, and painting.  Door dings, small dents, hail damage, and other like damage to a vehicle’s metal body parts are repaired in minutes at 1/3 to ½ of the usual body shop cost.

The key to a successful dent removal, he explained, is in the training of the technicians.  Dent Wizard’s employees receive what is claimed to be the most extensive training in the industry.  From what EBR members observed this training is certainly effective.

After the demonstration Capone provided estimates for repairs to members’ vehicles while the rest of us continued our inspection of the vehicles in the service area which included a 1991 red 911 Turbo, a 914, and a new silver Carrera cabriolet with removable hard top.  We also tried to finish off the vegetables, dip, and sandwiches which had been provided.

Dent Wizard can be reached at 800-336-8949 or you can visit their website. Appointments for repairs can be arranged at nearly any local new car dealership.